Ystad Studios Visitor Centre gives you an opportunity to get close to all the genuine Wallander props that have been used in the films. You can listen to opera in Kurt’s living room, help him solve crimes at his desk in the police station, or take photos of yourself in genuine environments that have all been actual film sets. 

There is also a Henning Mankell Memorial Room. Here you can relax and enjoy a film about Mankell’s writing and successful career, as told by his international publisher Anneli Höier of Copenhagen. You get to see a selection of book covers from the many different editions of the books. Mankell’s books have been published in 100 countries, translated into 44 languages and sold in 30 million copies.

Millions of readers all over the world have followed Inspector Kurt Wallander as he chases murderers through Ystad’s narrow cobbled alleys, has a coffee in Fridolf’s pastry shop, or sits at home in his apartment in Mariagatan street. The author, Henning Mankell, has created a fictional character and an imaginary world situated in real, existing environments in Ystad. The first book, Faceless Killers, was published in 1991.

The Wallander adventure continued after that, with feature films, the first one, Before the Frost, in 2004, followed by a further 31 Swedish and 12 British Wallander films, all filmed in and around Ystad. The last film was made in 2014.

In Ystad you can take a walk in Wallander's footsteps. Experience the different locations from the books and films with the help of this interactive guide created by the municipality of Ystad!


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