Good food

To eat, to drink and to taste. In Skåne food is culture.

When we talk about local food traditions, we are especially fond of are the Ålagille (eel) and Mårten Gås (goose), but off course we love our very local ”äggakaga” (best describes as the perfect mix of omelet and pancake), the herring - fried, smoked, pickled - and the spettkaka (traditional pastry) too!

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Bageri Ystad

Photo: Söderberg & Sara Bageri, Ystad

Restaurants work as ambassadeurs for the regional food.
We'd love it if your local food exprerience at any of the eateries gave you a whole new idea of what the local cuisine is about! The culinary experiences reflect new thinking and what's traditionally genuine - a great mix for the taste buds.

Most restaurants use locally produced ingredients, lending the whole food experience a natural link from nature to table. The hotels, restaurants and food shops that boast Regional Culinary Heritage membership are particularly careful to use local ingredients as they prepare their menus - proud of the regional traditions that concerns the traditional dishes, flavours and produce.

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