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It is never far to anything in Ystad. From the southernmost point to the northernmost corner it is 20 km and from west to east it is 40 km.

Ales stenar

Sweden's largest and best-preserved shipwreck is magnificently located above the village of Kåseberga on Österlen's south coast. Ale's stones are one of Skåne's most popular places to visit - a scenic and exciting place that attracts people all year round.
The shipwreck is dated to around the year 600 and consists of 59 large boulders, each weighing about five tons. The shipwreck is a total of approximately 67 meters long and 19 meters wide and is thus Sweden's largest.

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the little train in Ystad

Join a ride on the small train that runs tours in the city but also out in Sandskogen.

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Österlen Syd has nearly 100 members, offering everything from studios and galleries to restaurants and cafes. Heaven and more. Villages. Art. Good food and much more!

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Ystads best guide to Wallander

Here you can browse the brochure that guides you through Wallanders Ystad.