A local legend laced with ... lace !

A local legend laced with ... lace ! 

From the top of Rytters Kulle, 32 metres above sea level,you have a marvellous view of the Baltic Sea.The hiii is narned after the Dutch sea captain Rytter, whose ship supposedly got stuck in ice during a cold 18th century winter.

Kåseberga rytters kulle foto Leif Nilsson

Photo: Leif Nilsson
lt is said he regularly rode up the hill to keep an eye on his iced-up vessel. Dutch captains often took their families with them to sea; so, too, captain Rytter. The story goes thai the captain, his w ife and child lodged at one of the area's large farms while waiting for the ice to melt. Meanwhile, the captain's wife taught the art of lace making to local women. Apparently, it was especially women without property from Peppinge who took to lace making.

Knyppling Foto Lucas Gölen

Photo: Lucas Gölen

The villages of Peppinge and Valleberga became an early centre for Seanian freehand lace making ie the art of lace mak­ ing without a pricked pattern.

To "slå en knippling" is an art !hat has survived for centuries largely !hanks to the countesses of Tosterup 's Castle, and the early handieraft movement. Seanian lace making is still very much alive and every term courses in different techniques are run for keen students.

Peppinge Foto Staffan Håkansson

Photo: Staffan Håkansson

Written by Håkan Nilsson, The Monestary in Ystad

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