The lovely beaches

The sea has always been a driving force in Ystad´s development and wealth. The sea brought herring and the sea opened up contacts and trade routes with the rest of the world.

The beautiful beaches along the Ystad & Österlen nearly 40 km long coast feels never-ending. 

Here are some more tips on beautiful beaches and astonishing nature in Ystad & Österlen!

Ystad sandskog

Sandhammaren - A beach of contrasts

The beach at Sandhammaren is allegedly the finest in Sweden and the fine white sand has no equal.
All this makes a walk along the coast a pleasure at any time of year.

The endless beach, sand dunes and inland pine forests can be enjoyed in any season - a walk along the beach is not just a pleasure on a hot summer’s day! In winter time, even when the wind bites, you'll soon realise it's very popular to walk on the beach promenade and you might not be alone in enjoying the forces of nature along the Baltic coast.

Sunken wrecks

Sandhammaren is at the southern most point of Sweden and the vicious currents can be particularly dangerous, a point to consider when bathing and paddling - and it can be difficult for people who enjoy the fine sandy beaches of Sandhammaren to imagine that just off the coast is probably the largest graveyard of wrecks in Sweden.

The shifting sand bars and strong currents have claimed many thousands of unwary vessels. The ancient oak forests that once flourished here were felled on the orders of King Charles XI. Pirates deceived passing vessels with false lights and thus fooled them into running aground where their crews became easy prey and bloodthirsty plunder was the order of the day.

Light house and lifeboat station

The lighthouse at Sandhammaren was brought into service in 1862; it was designed and built by the famous lighthouse builder Nils Gustaf von Heidenstam.
In the middle of the 19th century one of Sweden’s first lifeboat stations was established here. The lifeboat station remained in service until 1945 when it was moved to Kåseberga, however, the old lifeboat, the oldest in Sweden, can still be seen in the old boat house.
Guided tours in the light house are available during summer months.

You will also find nice places in Löderup, Nybrostrand, Sandskogen, Lilleskog and Svarte. And if you want to take a swim we have an outdoor swimming pool in Nybrostrand and a indoor swimming pool in Ystad at the arena and this is open all year round.

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