18th century farm or hotel with sea views? Or you can live in the middle of the city and be close to shopping, restaurants, nightlife and historical environments. For those who want to be close to nature, there are also several cozy hotels and B & Bs in the country.

Close to the city

Cameo Boutique Hotell is located on the pedestrian street with a common lounge and a cozy courtyard.

Bäckagården A hotel that feels more like a peaceful home than a hotel. An idyll in the middle of Ystad's old town center.

Continental du Sud in Ystad is Sweden's oldest hotel and has been a home for connoisseurs and celebrities for almost 200 years.

Fritiden hotel A unique accommodation, built on the foundations of the bathhouse from the 60s. The southern location and the seven floors provide a view from Rooftop over Ystad and the Baltic Sea that is not found anywhere else.

Prince Carl The cozy family-run hotel right in the heart of Ystad's medieval center. 20 cozy rooms and 2 apartments to choose from.

Anno 1793 Sekelgården Unique half-timbered hotel with cobblestones and care trees in the courtyard. A personal accommodation where the charm is in the walls.

Close to the sea

Kåseberga Gårshotell & Spa A stay with us should feel peaceful, warm and genuinely cozy. Our vision is to bring out the best in both Kåseberga with its fantastic history and Österlen with its natural magic.

Löderups Strandbad Hotell is the perfect place for relaxation and conferences. The proximity to the sea and nature offers unique opportunities for recreation and to visit well-known sights in the neighborhood.

Close to the beach in top class

Ystad Saltsjöbad By the beach on Skåne's most beautiful coast is "Saltan" - a hotel, spa and conference facility that has existed for 120 years. During your stay with us, we want to exceed your expectations and create added value.

Villa Strandvägen boasts seven rooms in a romantic modern style and exclusive material choices for those who are looking for that little extra. In the middle of the lush garden there is a luxurious pool for hot days. Our cozy kitchen offers gourmet food based on the best ingredients that the season can offer.

Close to nature on Österlen

Örum 119 - a small farm hotel on Österlen with a love of details. The rooms are simple and sparsely furnished with the highest quality materials. Long breakfast, sourdough pizza, ice cream workshop and garden shop.

Örums Nygård Österlen At Örums Nygård you experience a genuine atmosphere and home feeling. The hotel is located in the middle of the beautiful Scanian arable landscape with a view of the Österlenska plains.

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