Shooting in Ystad

If you are planning to shoot your film in Ystad, we will do our best to help you make your stay as smooth and easy as possible.

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We are working with a film friendly approach*

Ystad is a small coastal town, situated in the south of Sweden close to beautiful surroundings and natural scenery.

The municipality's policy is to work as film friendly and as cooperatively as possible with film productions. We want "our" film-workers to feel welcome – therefore we have a film-friendly approach.

Sceneries and settings

The city of Ystad's uniquely downtown with its half-timbered houses and medieval centre and fantastic surroundings offers a beautiful setting and a great variation of exciting locations. And the town is small which makes it easy with transportations. The cities of Malmö and Copenhagen are just one hour away.



*To create even better conditions for future film-making, in autumn 2007 a municipal workgroup was formed. The group is charged with the task of identifying, creating and coordinating resources, attracting those with an interest in film and film stakeholders to the region, and making Ystad a natural choice for film shoots.

The group consists of representatives of various administrative bodies, housing company Ystadbostäder AB and commercial property company Ystads Industrifastigheter AB, and is led by film strategist Petra Rundqvist.

One initial concrete result of the group's work is the construction by Ystadbostäder of 25 homes in the Regement area, small apartments to serve as temporary homes for film workers, tourists and students.

"The town, the film, the tourism"

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Quick Reference Guide

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A number of very good films have been made in the Ystad-Österlen region in recent years, which not only has a good effect on tourism, it has also boosted the local economy and individual business activities.